Remarkable Dvary Butterfly Ergonomic Office Chair

Dvary Ergonomic Chair (Dvary chairs) integrates vivid butterfly appearance into the chair, and matching with colorful backrest shells, all these making the chair much fashion and dynamic. All kinds of high-end office furniture solutions can be provided with this excellent modern art.

Dvary Ergonomic Chair (Dvary chairs) equips Sync-sliding system which is invented & developed by GTCHAIR (GT CHAIR), a leading executive ergonomic chair factory, and had passed through American BIFMA test. The system is considered remarkable by experts, it had also won plenty of awards and national patent.

GTCHAIR, an Orgatec Ergonomic Chair Exhibitor, warmly welcome global traders and sellers to visit our booth in ORGATEC(Orgatec Cologne/Orgatec 2018), as one of the two most famous furniture fair in Germany(the other one is IMM Cologne 2018), we will show our excellent ergonomic chair here, and look forward cooperation with new and potential partners.

Cologne International Office Furniture and Management Facilities Exhibition(Orgatec Furniture Fair 2018)
Location: Exhibition Centre Cologne(Köln, Germany)
Booth No.: Hall 6.1 A038
Date: 23th-27th October, 2018

More info about Orgatec Exhibitor List 2018, please check Orgatec Office Furniture Exhibitor from Orgatec Germany:

Would you like to know more about our elegant DVARY ergonomic chair, please see below:

1 Outstanding Features:
(1) Best Ergonomic Design-Smart Paddle Shift Armrest Wire Control System
To offer users more convenient using experience, GTCHAIR(GT CHAIR) designers designed this unique paddle shift armrest wire control system: Most basic and frequently used functions "chair height" & " backrest tilt lock" are adjusted by armrest paddle, no need to bend waist, 8 times faster than traditional way.
-- Paddle shift on left arm: adjust seat height,
-- Paddle shift on right arm: adjust backrest tilt, 15 locks in 33 degree

(2) Particular A’PAS (Automatic Sitting Posture Automatic Support)
When backrest tilt is locked, the seating automatics sliding will create 23 degree to adapt different person’s sitting posture, and user will stop at the most comfortable position without operation.

(3) First-class Sync-sliding Structure
The backrest tilt will drive the seating moving forward smoothly to reach 56 degree in safe and comfortable condition.
a. Backrest tilt angle: 23 degree
b. Backrest Seat sync-sliding adjustment
c. Backrest independent tilt adjust angle: 33 degree
d. Backrest Sync-sliding, reach 56 degree

2 Ergonomic Design Adjustable Functions
More than 11 adjustable functions to offer users ultimate comfortable sitting experience.
(1) Backrest: Height adjustable for 3 levels in 4cm and backrest tilt can be locked in 15 positions within 33 degrees by arm paddle
(2) Lumbar Support: Height adjusted in 5cm
(3) Seat Height: Height is adjustable within 7cm by arm paddle
(4) Seat Depth: Seat depth adjusted within 5cm 5 levels
(5) Armrest: Height adjusted within 6 cm in 6 levels and pivot in 3 directions within 28 degrees
(6) Mechanism: Backrest tilt tension adjusted by the rocking handle under the right side of the seat and laser coding for 5 years warranty
(7) Headrest: S3-L mesh headrest with rotation, angle and height adjustment.
(8) Backrest Angle Adjustment: backrest angle is adjustable within in 10 degrees
(9) Paddle Shift Wire Control System: The backrest tilt lock and seat height are controlled by mechanism via the paddle on the arm.
(10) A'PAS System(Automatic Sitting Posture Adapt System): automatically adapt to different people's height, weight, sitting position within 23 degrees.
(11) Sync-sliding Structure: the backrest tilt will drive the seating moving forward smoothly to reach 56 degree in safe and comfortable condition.

3 High Quality Materials
We keep highly on selecting high quality materials to offer best safety assurance to the users.

By GTCHAIR (GT CHAIR) | Top Ergonomic Chair Supplier


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