Intelligent Production Line

GTCHAIR (GT CHAIR), as an ergonomic mesh chair factory and ergonomic gaming chair factory, its Ergonomic Chair Intelligent Production Line is a world class intelligent production line consisting of German advanced equipment that GTCHAIR (GT CHAIR) has invested a lot money to build.

A office chair consists of many parts, the main production process of the office chair is assembling the product. As a Popular Ergonimic Chair Manufacturer, we truly understand how important to assemble the chairs correctly. For traditional chair assembly, the worker just needs to know how to assemble it. But the accuracy of the installation depends on the workers' judgement, technique and experience, and can not accurately assemble each part. It is the key part that ergonomic mesh Chair wholesaler and ergonomic gaming chair wholesaler. The accuracy of the bolts installation can not achieve the expected precision because of different workers’ work habits, emotions, work experience, etc. result in too much twisting of the screw thread teeth, or the teeth are torn and the torque is too small, and finally cause potential safety hazard.

Our world class Intelligent Production Line which consisting of German advanced equipment solves the above problem of the traditional production process. Achieved the following promotion:

1. Ensure the high quality of the products.

2. Greatly improve the stability of bulk products.

3. Significantly shorten the production cycle.

4. Through the use of intelligent equipment and technology, it demonstrates the continuous development and innovation of GTCHAIR (GT CHAIR).

5. Through the IPG Stanley, achieve the pertinence and traceability requirements for each chair.

Currently, our Intelligent Production Line can automatically test the torque of each chair component that is to be assembled, and then precisely assemble it at a fixed position according to the requirements of the test. Each assembly connection can only be passed with the assembly quantity and requirements that meet the desired setting, and eliminating the effects of human factors.

In addition, the use of intelligent production line, can achieve whole-process digital quality control, intelligent assembly can improve product accuracy, and advanced transmission system can shorten production cycle.

This world class intelligent production line introduced by GTCHAIR (GT CHAIR), as a high quality ergonomic chair factory, greatly improves product quality, stabilizes product quality and shortens production time, and gives office furniture wholesalers and office chair on sale wholesalers more confidence and quality support.